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Monday, October 26, 2015

Bloom Update: WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

Hi everyone!

We write to you in the midst of preparation for a long winter in the mountains. Our wood chopping operation is in full swing (pun most definitely intended) and the snow is starting to fly. We are putting the snow tires on the car and recently our landlord swapped out our lawn mower for a snow blower, solidifying the reality that while it has been a wonderful summer and fall, winter is now knocking on our door. There is something refreshing about the rhythm of the seasons in our rural way of life.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Maybe we Need a Different Kind of Wisdom

As Christians the Gospel and God’s word shapes our worldview. It provides perspective on purpose, morality and daily life – or at least that is the hope, right? With that there is bound to moments in which we butt heads with shifting cultural perspective, whether it is a moral, philosophical, theological or political difference. So, the question is, how do we respond to a culture that seems to undermine some of our most deeply held beliefs?

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Update - July 2015


       A couple of months ago Suz and I announced that we felt called to stay in Clark and continue our ministry here with North Routt Community Church. We wanted to give you an update on the church and how things are progressing here in the mountains. So let me walk through a few notable updates and share some events, pictures and happenings of our life and our wonderful rural mountain church.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ministry in an Increasingly Post-Christian Culture

Caveat – I am a young pastor and, believe it or not, I am fully aware I am not an expert. This is not a space for me to get preachy and offer advice to others in ministry but to present concepts and ask questions that have been important to me and ones I have been wrestling with during my experience in ministry in a post-Christian culture.  

America’s ever-changing religious landscape

One of the fastest growing religious groups in America is the “nones” (not nuns). While it is hardly a “religious” category it is a growing percentage of Americans who are choosing not to attach themselves to any religious group. This group of nones includes atheists, agnostics and what I describe as the “mehs” which are the folks that when asked if they think religion has any importance or bearing on their life they respond with something along the lines of “Meh.” This is a group that does not necessarily see the value of ascribing or aligning themselves to a particular religious belief system or worldview.  So, they simply don’t.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rhythms – Practicing the Ways & Values of God’s Kingdom

Mission Trip Syndrome
If you were a youth group kid like me I am sure you are very familiar with “mission trips.” Growing up my high school youth group had a few mission trips that we went on every year and I can remember them like they were yesterday. I think I remember them so vividly because they were these monumental spiritual experiences for me. I have plenty of funny memories like being chased by llamas in Ecuador -you wouldn't think it, but a herd (pack? ... flock?) of llamas is pretty scary if they are charging you down a mountainside. But what I remember most was how impacted many of us were. It seemed like every time God touched peoples' lives on those trips. Without fail kids would come home on a “spiritual high." Unfortunately, in a similar pattern we cynically began to believe that it rarely lasted. People would be convicted or encounter God in a profound way and we would all confidently declare that things would be different – that we were finally going to take this Christian thing seriously. It had to be because of what we had experienced together. Some people had lasting change – but many of us slowly moved back to life as usual, like nothing happened except we went on a really fun trip with some good memories. I have since become less cynical and I sincerely believe people had real experiences on my high school trips. Real enough experiences where macho football guys were crying while sharing around a campfire (in front of girls no less).

 I think these experiences pose a big question in youth ministry or really any short term trip. It makes us wonder what’s up with these “spiritual highs” and why do they often wear off for so many of us?